Mercury photography brings you original prints, select moments of visual pleasure. What you see is what you get...or what I see through a lens is what you get.
Images, not modified, not tampered  with. Photographs which have been 'Photo-shopped' to squeeze every natural content  out of them, creating an all together different picture,  thought up by someone behind a computer  isn't what I believe in.

Pictures that I take are captured how I believe pieces of photographic art should be seen...Raw.

To capture and preserve unique moments, to share with the viewer and hopefully  inspire them to look and see more within  the world around us...Merfvdsdswd
Mercury Photography

'Dusk to dawn' Prints
'Dusk to dawn' prints
'Abstract' Prints
'Captured moment' Prints
'Captured moment' prints
'Abstract' prints
...capturer and preserver of life's unique moments.